Accelerate Your Email Marketing Directives with Your Instagram Traffic

You can use your Instagram followers or traffic in a better way to draw traffic to your website. You can entice and lure them to subscribe to your site and emails.

This type of integration is very much trending now as it has provided better outcomes. There has been a significant rise in the frequency and number of email followers and subscribers. 

  • It will prove its mettle even if you've made a few wrong or botched-up SEO decisions or calls in the past. 
  • You can compensate for your wrong choices and faults by successfully and smoothly integrating IG with your email marketing endeavors. All you need is to have a proper commitment to start the process.
  • If you want more followers and convert them to subscribers to your email, and your sales prospects to grow, you need to undertake extensive keyword research before writing your blog post.
  • Secondly, you need to figure out the best way of using keyword data in your email campaigns.
  • You can use the resources to optimize the fundamentals and maximize sales/returns.
  • One of the most effective ways to lead is to emphasize on your tags and descriptions. 
  • Put the focus on title tags because they have to be catchy and intuitive. 

According to famous influencers, you must build separate campaigns to boost your SEO rankings. However, you shouldn't limit it to create websites that entail fast loading, are informative and are prompt and responsive.

Email marketing integration

The most innovative way to use email marketing for your business marketing purpose is to incorporating your Instagram posts into your business emails. You'll find that email marketing is a type of marketing that's perpetually based on textual content. 

  • It starts with uploading with brand product pictures you want to sell. This practice is, however, a preliminary step. 
  • You have to include numerous different images and pictures of certain items you're selling via your emails.
  • You may try to send your Instagram posts' screenshots that you directly make to recipients.
  • You can also try and give post links to your recipients. It is bound to work. However, giving screenshots is more viable because it ensures that the recipient doesn't have to wait around for viewing your content. 
  • So, you must not post the photos inside your emails in the garb of direct attachments. 
  • Reason being, you'll not have many users, who could be inclined to view those pictures after downloading them and hence, it will not reap any benefits at all.
  • Post all your latest and upcoming deals. You should have the ability to upload the stuff on Instagram, where it's crucial to highlight every special deal or any specifically great deals for a festival or special occasion. 

You must also highlight the amount of thrill and excitement your posts will generate among your Instagram followers. It will make your recipients notice your work and make them feel that they should take advantage of your discounts and deals. 

Instagram pictures in email campaigns

Have you wished to automatically share pretty and happy photos from your Instagram account with your customers and subscribers? Have you wished to brighten and enhance your newsletters #food, #fog or #selfies? Using Webstagram and RSS-email, it's possible to start a photo feed in your email content.

  • You can focus on getting an RSS feed for a hashtag or account. There's Webstagram providing dual-feed URLs for hashtags and accounts respectively.
  • These URL's function very effectively and smoothly in the RSS format. Their efficiency remains intact in email campaigns as well. 
  • After getting your content, you can move onto putting the same in your email campaign.
  • You can use IG photos in a recurring email marketing/ RSS campaigns because it's the easiest method of ensuring images getting into your email templates.
  • It's also a very good option for sharing your pictures automatically and daily.

Posting photos of your contest winners

As a brand or influencer, you need to arrange a range of fun contests or competitions on Instagram. The photo-sharing domain is the best platform now. It helps you generate a lot of awareness and interest about in service or product on sale. The participants also feel valued and important. 

  • In simple parlance, these contests serve as an added impetus for your participants. 
  • Users can share their IG snaps and send them to your business Instagram account.
  • The newfound fame and popularity will make them go ballistic. It will also generate interest and curiosity in your products and brand in no time.
  • As you've already read, the best way to optimize this scope is by knitting your Instagram Photo URLs of the winners of the contest to your emails.
  • You can then send the same emails to your mail subscribers and other followers. 
  • So, what purpose does it serve? It shows the mail recipients that the concerned participants or active members winning merchandise and goodies are all authentic people. 
  • They have used your goods and liked them. This is a smart way to generate interest in casual or regular email subscribers for your products. They would like to opt for your products. 
  • After integrating the contest winners' images in your emails, highlight its benefits that they have received. 
  • Highlight them in bullet points in the email text. You must also underline the benefits those people received by using your merchandise and how they helped simplify and bolster their lives.
  • When your email followers or subscribers see all the elated and jubilant contestants, the concerned recipients can see their responses or reactions, invariably inspiring them to buy and try your services or products.

Following the followers of your competitors

Instagram has a very common way to encourage engagement. You follow another user, like a photo, and comment on a photo. 

  • When you're using the pictures in your mail, using the right filters is also crucial. 
  • You can maximize your photo's reach by using the right filters. Populargram states that the most viable ones are Normal, Early Bird, Valencia, X-Poll, Rise, and Amarao and Hudson.

Just creating an Instagram account and syncing it with your email, and posting cheesy stuff or existing on the platform will not suffice. You need to have a strategy to create the best content for your followers.